Friday, May 22, 2009

Heroes of the Hahamongna - One in a Series

No river restoration effort is successful without the ongoing stewardship of individuals, school groups, youth organizations, retirees and community groups who work hard to keep urban and suburban environments natural.

These people and organizations are often unsung heroes who, little by little, contribute to the tremendous work necessary, especially in an urban watershed, to both restore AND maintain its beauty for future generations.

One such hero is Roger Klemm, who has been nurturing oak seedlings that will soon be planted in the Hahamongna Watershed Park in Pasadena. Roger visits and enjoys the Hahamongna often, since he works at nearby NASA/JPL and his son participates in the Tom Sawyer Camp which uses part of the Park for its youth activities.

One day, while walking throught the Equestrian Staging Area of the Hahamongna, Roger noticed two Englemann Oak trees and was inspired to help keep Hahamongna full of native trees for future generations by gathering acorns and nurturing seedlings.

Now, his seedlings of Englemann Oak and California Coast Live Oak are being readied for planting in the Hahamongna this summer, where young day campers, including his son, will nurture their new growth during those first few critical months of ‘taking’ to their new home.

Learn more about the Englemann Oak here:

Roger’s personal passion means that new tree life will continue on in the Hahamongna. Just as importantly, he is passing on the legacy of environmental stewardship to the next generation of Californians.

Thanks, Roger, for your small part in restoring our riparian habitat

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  1. Roger's awesome! He spoke to my hiking group today about Englemann oaks and what he does. He's the focus of my blog post about the experience! :)


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