Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Announcing the Urban Rivers Institute!

Dear Loyal Arroyo Lover Readers,

Yes, we know this blog has been silent for many months. Not for lack of the Arroyo Lover's desire to share her musings of all things river but rather because the Arroyo Lover has been hard at work on her new venture...and today we announce the launch of the Urban Rivers Institute, whose mission is Revitalizing Cities...One River At a Time.

For more than two years, the Arroyo Lover has searched for the unique way she can serve rivers and our urban environment. She's experimented with project ideas and she's consulted with her river mavens in her search for purpose-driven work that will help all of us better understand rivers historically, scientifically, dynamically, artistically, and spirtually.

Why Urban Rivers? Because of all the rivers of the earth, urban rivers pose the most unique and daunting challenges for true restoration and revitalization - competing to flow against the demands of high density land use, local source water supply needs, open space constrictions, developed recreation (think football stadiums), public safety, diverse demographics, and the dynamic tension between private and public property owners.

With more than half of Americans living in cities and the growing international trend towards mega-cities, the stresses on our urban rivers will only continue to increase.

Th Urban Rivers Institute at heart is a collaboration-driven Education Center, focusing on River Storytelling, River Schools, and River's Edge Integrated Environmental Design. The Institute draws upon the Arroyo Lover's academic relationship with Cal Poly's Urban & Regional Planning Department, her video  partnership with Siren Arts Productions, her experiential work on several river restoration projects, and her long-term real estate/land use transaction management.

Just as importantly, YOU are an Urban Rivers Institute collaborator, too, for we count everyone who is working to save, restore and revitalize urban rivers among our friends.

The Arroyo Lover promises her return to timely blog postings. Watch for updates from this year's River Rally in Portland Oregon ~ musings from the Colorado River Tour ~ personal commentary from the Arroyo Seco, Los Angeles River...and beyond.

Visit http://www.urbanriversinstitute.com/ to learn more about our exciting new vision. Please join our mailing list to keep abreast of our efforts and your possible participation in our upcoming River School, workshops and webinars.

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